Palmyra Ruins

Looking at the monumental ruins of the great ancient Syrian city of Palmyra while reading recent headlines about the murder of hundreds of innocents and the destruction of various monuments by ISIS prompts a question.

Was this how the historic city of Palmyra was first destroyed? Did an earlier generation of barbarians do this, and is the destruction now to be completed by modern thugs and killers?

Beautiful and Flawed

Today is the seventy-fourth anniversary of the sinking of the battlecruiser HMS HOOD in 1941. Commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1920, HOOD was the last of the battlecruisers.

Originally intended as counters to commerce-raiding cruisers, battlecruisers were heavily gunned to ensure they could destroy any cruiser they met, and since they did not carry the thick protective armor of battleships, they were intended to be fast enough to outrun anything they could not out-shoot.

Artie Shaw's Nightmare

Today in 1910 jazz great Artie Shaw was born in New York City.

A favorite from 1938--Nightmare.

More Train Control

A good follow-on article to the PTC story yesterday by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., that asks the question, why do we even need an antiquated system like PTC when Google does it better with newer technology?

Hacking the City of New Orleans

An article in the Wall Street Journal entitled We’re Halfway to Radically Safer Railroads by Edward R.


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