USS REUBEN JAMES (DD-245)--A Month Gone by December 7th

December 7, 1941, as FDR said, was a date that would live in infamy. Halloween 1941, on the other hand, has been largely lost in those hoary mists of time. Early on that cold North Atlantic morning, four-piper USS REUBEN JAMES patrolled the fringes of an eastbound convoy, HX156. South of Iceland, Kapitänleutnant Erich Topp in U-552 set up to fire a torpedo at an ammunition ship in the formation, but his torpedo was intercepted by REUBEN JAMES. The ship's bow was blown off, and she sank with the loss of 115 sailors.

A Saudi Arabia-Iran Nonaggression Pact?

Victor Davis Hanson has an article Thursday on the recent proposed treaty with the Iranian government. He discusses the dangers associated with the making of agreements with dictators and mentions, as pundits often do when this proposal comes up, the equally dangerous and presumably analogous agreements of the late 1930s and early 1940s.

In particular, Hanson notes that

Promotion or Sunk

Shutdown theater

The administration might have succeeded on getting the optics of this 'crisis' to work in their favor if they had made the point--accurate or not--that they were doing everything they could in the face of Republican intransigence to keep the business of government running smoothly.

Judging by the assistance they're getting in their silly efforts to barry-cade all the parks, they could even have mobilized a corps of unpaid volunteers--all willing to put service above salary--to do the right thing.

Who will play Charles Bronson?

New York is about to elect a new mayor, and if New Yorkers elect Bill de Blasio it could open up opportunities for Hollywood in the City that haven’t existed since the mid-1970s.

Recently, Hollow-wood’s handiworks have been pretty darned uninspired, and it worth the effort to reflect on a Golden-like Age of film that is now famous for the way in which the industry was able to capture authentic New York grittiness on screen.

New York of the 1970s was the setting for some classic films, because it was the setting for some classic crime.


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