The New Default

An article by Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal captures succinctly the appropriate default view that every citizen ought to have of government.

"The lesson is that government bureaucracy should be treated, at every level, as inherently and inescapably incompetent. And that expert opinion should be viewed as mistaken until proven otherwise. Meanwhile, wield a blunt instrument."

Sherman vs. Tiger and Naval Warfare

Many World War II combat buffs and gamers know that the Sherman tank was inferior to the German Tiger.

Anyone who's ever watched the movie, Patton will remember the line delivered by Karl Malden's character, Omar Bradley. Bradley was talking about the American half track, but it would be applied by many commentators to the Sherman as well.

Do One Thing Well

"Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well." Steve Jobs

The UNIX Philosophy precept #2: Make each program do one thing well.

Search the Internet for the phrase "do one thing well," and the results will include many examples of entrepreneurs and research scientists and others who have taken that small piece of advice to heart and demonstrated its power. Add to that recent research that demonstrates very convincingly that multitasking just isn't possible, perhaps even for organizations.

The Price of Citizenship

Economist Thomas Sowell writes today at Townhall about "Irresponsible 'Education'," but the most interesting part of the article is a short passage on the value of citizenship. By that he means actual price-tag-pay-at-the-register cost in dollars.


In November 1979, Iranian students (so-called) invaded the American embassy in Tehran and took hostage a group of Americans, holding 52 of them for 444 days.

On the same day that Ronald Reagan took office as president, those same hostages were released. No one knows the precise reason why the Iranian leadership chose to release the hostages at that moment, but it may be that their understanding of Reagan's likely actions after taking office did not seem to bode well for them.


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