Kickstarter for Taxes

This article, "Smithsonian Takes a Giant Step with Its First Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Conservation of Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit" prompted me to wonder whether something like the federal tax system could be funded in a similar fashion.

If not, why not?

Bailout This Dog or The Dog Gets It!

This Wall Street Journal headline, "Why Greece Puts a Gun to Its Head", reminded me of the old National Lampoon cover next to this article.

Ending Further Effusion of Blood

The Washington Post ran an article by Greg Miller on the 16th that asked the question, "Why ‘decapitation’ strikes have killed terrorist leaders, but not al-Qaeda?"

Crowdsourcing Emergency Response

It has been possible for decades in many places to call 911 to request emergency assistance. In recent years people also have been able subscribe to services that will dial for them if they are not able to do so after a fall or other accident, and some services act without prompting after an alarm if the subscriber is not at home or is unable to respond.

Hoss Racin'

I don't follow horse racing as a rule. I understood the principle a long time ago that one horse can run faster than another and had no desire to watch the proof on a repeated basis.

Still, it has been marginally interesting to watch and hear some of the commentary around this latest Belmont race. This is a well-reasoned piece--wrong, but well-reasoned-on why American Pharaoh could not win. Until he did.


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